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Suspense Japanese Movie Fan? Then "Recall" is for You!

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Suspense Japanese Movie Fan? Then "Recall" is for You!  Empty Suspense Japanese Movie Fan? Then "Recall" is for You!

Post by Admin on Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:49 pm

Movie title : Recall (空飛ぶタイヤ/)

Synopsis : A woman was killed by a truck wheel, which flew off while the vehicle was in motion. As the freight company which owns the truck becomes the target of the public and the media’s wrath, Tokuro Akamatsu, the president of the freight company, realizes that a structural defect within the truck itself may have been to blame. A conspiracy of the wheel manufacturer's attempts to cover up a defective product is uncovered.

I enjoy the acting of Tomoya Nagase as Tokuro Akamatsu, Dean Fujioka as Yuta Sawada, Issey Takahashi as Kazuaki Izaki, Kyoko Fukada as Fumie Akamatsu, and Joji Kokubo as Kodo Kimoto, especially this guy Joji Kokubo.

What is your favorite Japanese movie?


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