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Short Film : Copa Loca (2018)

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Short Film : Copa Loca (2018) Empty Short Film : Copa Loca (2018)

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 05, 2019 10:30 am

Synopsis: This is the story of Copa-Loca, an abandoned Greek summer resort. Paulina is the girl at the heart of Copa-Loca. Everyone cares for her and she cares about everyone – in every possible way.

Starring : Elsa Lekakou as Paulina, Jenny Hiloudaki, Nadia Katsoura, Pavlos Iordanopoulos, Stathis Stamoulakatkos

A Short Movie by Christos Massalas.

Short Film : Copa Loca (2018) 7H28AQjnAoQXRMw0zZgDmaF9Fm7


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