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Turkish Family Movie with Beautiful Cinematography, Anyone?

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Turkish Family Movie with Beautiful Cinematography, Anyone? Empty Turkish Family Movie with Beautiful Cinematography, Anyone?

Post by Admin on Fri Dec 14, 2018 4:40 pm

Umut apartmani (2015)

Movie Synopsis : Arif's father was an orphan, who lost no father before, and grew up without a father. Her mother lives in the neighborhood where she is born, far from the center of the city, with Makbule and her childish love for her neighbors Arzu, who are older than her. The shy child begins to write letters to Arzu. With the return of his grandfather İhsan, who had abandoned them on time, the life of the little boy would suddenly become confused. İhsan dede pretends to make paralysis to Makbule by the father, and the only one who knows the truth is Arif. The duo did not get along very well at first, because Arif was mature at the young age with the return of his fatherlessness. But things change when his grandfather discovers Arif's love for Arzu. Arif started to write more beautiful letters with the help of his grandfather. Ozan, which is a common loss of both, becomes a bridge that brings together two people, decades ago.

Starring : Ali Ipin as Ihsan dede, Alp özer as Arif, Fulden Akyürek as Makbule, Yasemin Bozdoğan as Arzu, and Ali Yağcı as Ömer

This looks like an interesting movie with beautiful cinematography.


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